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 Snapshot Decrypter

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PostSubject: Snapshot Decrypter   Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:43 am

Go here to upload your ssbb snapshots from your SD Card


To contribute your own Super Smash Bros. Brawl snapshot to Brawl Snapshots you must know:

* How to upload a snapshot
* How to take snapshots
* How to transfer a snapshot from your Wii to an SD card

How to upload a snapshot:
Uploading from an SD card:

You will need an SD card and an SD card reader. You probably have one inside your digital camera if you have one.

1. Take a snapshot and save it to your SD card.
2. Insert your SD card into your SD card reader so your computer can read it. If you don't have an SD card reader in your computer, maybe you can use your digital camera.
3. Go to the upload page and click the 'Browse' button. Open your SD card. Your snapshots will be in private/wii/app/RSBE/al. They should all be .bin files. Select the one you want to upload. (You'll have to guess which is which for now; the file names aren't informative. Looking at the date modified might help you remember.)
4. Fill in the rest of the data and click submit.

How to take snapshots:

1. Pause the game at any time. (+ key on wiimote, Start on gamecube controller)
2. Take a snapshot by following the directions on the screen. After taking the snapshot, the instructions will disappear.
3. Press A. This will bring up a menu asking you whether you want to save your snapshot to an SD card or to your Wii. If you save it to your Wii, you can transfer it to your SD card later.

How to transfer a snapshot from your Wii to an SD card:

1. Insert your SD card into the Wii. The slot for it is near the power button behind a hinged door.
2. Start at "Select Mode" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
3. Go to Vault then Album.
4. Select the snapshot you want then press down.
5. Choose 'Copy' or 'Move'. Choose 'Copy' if you still want the snapshot on your Wii. Choose 'Move' if you just want the snapshot on your SD card.

Now that the snapshots are on your SD card, you can upload them to Brawl Snapshots.
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Snapshot Decrypter
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