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 Newbie in the works.

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Noob Brawler
Noob Brawler

Number of posts : 2
Age : 29
Main : Zero Suit Samus
Registration date : 2009-08-03

PostSubject: Newbie in the works.   Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:07 am

****. I am a HUGE fan, and player, of Smash Bros. I currently am the best (that I know of) Samus on Smash Bros. 64 and is unbeatable. I play with my cousin all the time. He and I are elite gamers, we take it very seriously. Smile As for the best for Melee though, I know that there is a master Samus in Florida. I would like to be one of them. Smile
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Number of posts : 32
Age : 22
Wii FC : sorry no wii i will get 1 in 2 years once i am a freshman in highscool ending now i am in 8th grade
Brawl FC : n/a although i do have many faves like toon link sonic snake lucario
an so on
Mario Kart FC : n/a
Main : Lucas
Registration date : 2009-04-07

PostSubject: Re: Newbie in the works.   Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:34 pm

maybe best Samus player here not unbeatable trust me i take it very seriously i face all the kids on the block against me on melee and on brawl first time i played it i whipped everyone!! for ssb64 i only play online on keyboard not as comfortable but i want a good fight if we ever face welcome=D i would like to fight you i don't have a Wii D= but my dad says if i get all As for this year he might buy me 1 i am saving just in case (my saving rate is 2 more years)=p
CANT WAIT!!! Very Happy Very Happy
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Newbie in the works.
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