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 Meet the (not so) newest member.

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Noob Brawler
Noob Brawler

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Meet the (not so) newest member.   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:55 am

What's happennin' people!

I'm Nick, great to meet you. Now, let me cover a bit of my Smash Bros. history, I started playing at, oh, about 6 or so, over at my Cousin's house. I took an immediate liking to Samus, because she just looked cool. For quite a while she was my best, at least until I played Melee. That's when she fell from her post, then it was Pikachu's shot. He was the shortest lived best out of all so far. After that, I went to Mario, but he never made it. But Luigi did, somehow, I was really good as him. But I never really used him too much. I then decided to play as Bowser for a few months, I was good with him at first, but then he started to fail epicly. That was when I finally unlocked Mewtwo, he instantly took up the now empty mantle of "My best." He had the second longest run time to date. (About Two years, four months.) Then even he, fell. Then, just two-weeks from then, I unlocked Marth and Roy. That's also about the time I heard Sonic was in Melee, I tried and tried, but never killed a single wire-frame in Cruel Melee. Until I used Marth, I killed one, and thought he could get me Sonic, but then I found out it was a load of crap, I actually fell for the lie. I played as Marth for 11 more months afterward, then lost skill as him. That was when Mewtwo re-established a slot for best character. I played as him for three more months, and eventually just began to suck. I had to finally try something, just forget bests, just be good with everybody. But since I hadn't unlocked Mr. Game & Watch yet, I had to do Adventure and Classic modes, but I had only one character left to do so with. Fox. I accomplished what I wanted and unlocked G & W. But I noticed something, I was REALLY good as Fox, and I mean just plain awesome! (Well, for my skill level back then.) And he's been my best ever since, and that was all the way back in 04! Even when Brawl hit, Fox retained this title. I can combo you up so much, you'll crush your controller in frustration of being unable to attack. I pwn that much with him. (But not to where it would be considered spamming.) But enough of this unessesary narrative. lol!

I hope to fit into this forum.
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Age : 22
Wii FC : sorry no wii i will get 1 in 2 years once i am a freshman in highscool ending now i am in 8th grade
Brawl FC : n/a although i do have many faves like toon link sonic snake lucario
an so on
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PostSubject: Re: Meet the (not so) newest member.   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:05 pm

glad a new members is on yupz feel comfy here
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Meet the (not so) newest member.
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