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 Global Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Global Forum Rules   Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:37 am


Everyone must read over these rules thoroughly, especially those members that are new here. Our rules may seem strict but once it's set in action things will run better around here. These rules are global rules which means they must be followed at all times in all rooms unless exceptions are made. Rules are the same as this page except more details.

1. No Profanity All bad language is censored by our server. Don even think about getting around it by including spaces, *, or other methods you can think of. Additionally, when you are writing, try not to get too graphic (no sex stories, extreme violence or hate posts, etc.). Finally, do not post pornography. Smash Bros. Forums follows an "E for Everyone" rating and wants to stick to it.

Inappropriate Language - Ban for 3 days
Dodging the server - Ban for 1 week
Pornography/explicit images - Ban for 2 weeks (or more by staff's discretion)

2. No Advertising If you have a website you may quickly mention it to a friend but don't make a whole topic out of it. You may advertise in your signature with a quick link but not paragraph. If someone pm's you an advertisement just pm a moderator or admin with his name and the advertisement.

Making an advertisement post - Ban for 1 weeks
Making an advertisement topic - Ban for 2 weeks
Private Message advertisement - Ban for 2 weeks

3. No Spamming SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) Almost every board out there has spam and Smash Bros. Forums isn't an exception. It's the junk that gets closed. Intentional or not, don't make posts that are lame, go for substance.

One-line post, no substance, "Uh hu. Yeah." or "Dum post" - Topic gets closed
Minor Spamming - Ban 1 weeks
Major Spamming - Ban 2 weeks
Excessive Spamming - Permanent Ban

4. Other SPAM Message Penalties

Hi, I'm New Here! - You can make these threads in the Introduce Yourself room after you join.
I'm back! - Ban for 3 days length and topic locked
I'm leaving! - - Ban for 2 days and topic locked
Topics entitled in All caps - Ban for 5 days and topic locked
Excessive characters in a topic title such as 10 exclamation points after a word (i.e. Guess what!!!!!!!!!!) - 3 days ban and topic locked

5.Flaming/Respect Issues

a. Be Nice To Newbies. Hey, everyone was or is a newbie at some point, and they deserve fair treatment, unless, of course, they've shown that they DON'T deserve fair treatment by the quality of their posts. Then the Moderators will take care of things.
b. Respect Fellow Members. Even if you dislike somebody, you should treat everyone fairly. Flaming is a baddie, especially when cursing is included. Moderators do not like that. If someone is flaming you, do not retaliate. Report it to a moderator. If we catch them, we'll punish them.
c. Respect Moderators/Administrators. You are entitled to your own opinion and may tell them what you think of their style, etc. However, it is important that you listen to what they say. For example: if they tell you not to post something, don't post it. Common sense and listening will get you in their favor and will contribute to your overall happiness at the forums.

Flaming - Ban for 3 weeks length
Disrespect for Forum Leaders - Ban for 1 month length

6. Do not Double or Triple Post Do not double, triple, quadruple, etc. post. If you do it by accident then edit your post and tell us truthfully. If you need to add something, simply use the edit button.

Double Posting Unnecesarily - Ban for 3 days
Triple posting unncesarily - Ban for 5 days
Quadruple or more posting unnecesarily - Ban for 2 weeks

7. Special Topic Rules Topics concerning members of Smash Bors. Forums will be closed. Feelings of member will be hurt or people have gotten angry, etc. Also, topics that simply compile useless information will be closed. Examples of these topics include:

a. Who is your favorite member on Smash Bros. Forums?
b. Where does everybody live?
c. How old are you people?
d. Are there any girls on Smash Bros. Forums?

a, b, c, and d - Ban 1 week

8. Very Important If a topic is spam, DO NOT reply to it. The Moderators will take care of it. Even if it isn't spam, just a topic that doesn't need to be there, don't post anything like "closes" in it. Also, DO NOT correct someone and tell them the rules. If we catch you doing this, you'll be in big trouble. Don't even act like a Admin or moderator. Oftentimes people correct a "Spammer" while breaking a rule at the same time. Examples of things not to post:

a. You're stupid!
b. Get outta here, spammer!
c. This is in the wrong room!
d. This is going to get closed.
e. You're in trouble!
f. Can't you read the rules?
g. *tries to close, fails*
h. *closes*

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and h - Ban for 3 days
Impersonating like a Moderator or Admin - Ban forever

NOTE: Bans may be longer by staff's discretion!

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Global Forum Rules
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