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 Moderator Rules

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PostSubject: Moderator Rules   Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:53 am

The Moderator rules are as following:

1. Moderators may not cuss (just as members).
2. Moderators may not edit what people say, except for erasing cuss words and spam.
3. Moderators may warn a member if the member cusses, posts porn, or other unneeded things.
4. A moderator may not delete ANY POSTS (unless needed) but may lock the topic instead.
5. A moderator should always act kind to the members.
6. A moderator must always respect the judgment of an Admin.
7. If a fellow moderator makes any mistakes the moderator who sees the mistake can fix it.

These are the simple rules expected of a moderator or a person who wants to be a moderator. Any cussing or not keeping of the rules may lead to moderating abilities taken away.

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Moderator Rules
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