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 *NEW* Toon Link

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PostSubject: *NEW* Toon Link   Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:54 am

CEL-LINK: A.K.A. Toon Link remastered!


Unlock Message: The sailor of the Great Sea, Cel Link, has joined the Brawl!

Wait, don't we already have him?

ALAS, No. Not the REAL one anyway.

Instead of being a waste of space clone, we've rebuilt him to be more original. He'll have moves incorporated from Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Four Swords, giving him a wide range of possible attacks. He'll still be fast, weak; he'll still be the same old Toon Link, statwise. Prepare to be shocked; Here There Be Cel Link!

STRENGTH: 2- Cel Link hasn't changed much from the strength department. He's still got his Master Sword.

SPEED: 4- He's also JUST as fast, making him one of the swifter competitors.

JUMP: 3- Toon Link's jump height should've gone to Regular Link. NERFED.

SIZE: 2- Being a head taller than Kirby, Cel Link is a small fry.

WEIGHT: 2.5- Toon Link was WAY to light for my liking. CT will be mid-low.

FALL SPEED: 2- Cel Link won't fall back to Earth very quickly. Another returning Toon Link quality.

PRIORITY: 4- Toon Link had high priority, right? So will Cel Link.

RANGE: 4- Ce Link has new equipment; say goodbye to that gay little Boomerang!

TRACTION: 3- Cel Link is an average tractioneer. YES I MADE UP A WORD, SCREW YOU.

GLIDE: Using the Roc's Cape, yes.

CRAWL: Uh- DUH. Of course he'll have it, although it'll be SLOW.


A,A,A,A- CL slashes his sword from right to left twice, then left to right, then finally slashes downwards across the foe's stomach. Each individual slash does small damage, causing up to 11% total and the last slash dealing small knockback. However, the range on the slashes are decent enough. (PS This move is based on WW 4 Slash Combo.)

A>- CL smashes his shield into the foe's face with a horizontal swipe, dealing a large amount of damage (13%) but also stunning the foe. This move also has low starting lag and ending lag, but the range is short and the priority is lame.

A^- CL swipes upwards with his Mole Mitts from Minish Cap , dealing medium (8%) damage but causing high knockback. Quick move, albeit with small range, and has high priority.

AV- CL quickly opens up his Jar of Winds from Minish Cap as a gust shoots out from leg level, dealing small damage (4%) but trips the foe or at LEAST deals high knockback. The gust range is great as well, and has the hidden effect of blowing away slow or medium moving projectiles, but has large ending lag, as CL would need to quickly plug the jar.
Dash: CL performs a forward roll, dealing 7%, then ends with a quick stab, doing 6% damage and covering quite the range for a petty blade, as well as having high knockback.

Fsmash: CL crouches down, as he jumps forward and performs a giant slash. This is his Jump Attack from most Zelda games, which Link strangely doesn't have. Does the largest damage in CL's moveset (Other than his Final Smash, of course.), dealing 22% uncharged, and covers a long range, with the initial leap covering a whole character distance, and the blade covering one more. Keep in mind the leap does no damage nor knockback, but instead pushes the foe back for the actual attack. Has large ending lag, however, but large knockback.

Usmash: CL spins his Fire Rod from Four Swords into the air clockwise, while leaving a trail of fire in its path. Deals multiple shots of small damage, but overall, its rather average (13%) as well as dealing fire damage and has good vertical knockback. However, CL takes a BIT too much time to put away his rod... wherever he keeps his things.

Dsmash: CL shoots his Hookshot at the ground diagonally, dealing medium damage (16%) and having small knockback. However, this attack covers a lot of range, two character spaces, and has enough priority to beat out a few projectile moves. However, the Hookshot will go UNDER projectiles if used far away enough.


Nair: CL performs a spin attack in midair as he falls. HAs the same properties as Toon Link's Spin Attack. This move also sends you slightly into the air.

Fair: CL pulls out a cannon from Phantom Hourglass and fires it in front of him, dealing medium damage (14%) while doing amazing knockback, killing at 100%. However, it's hard to land as it has a narrow range and the ending lag is horrid if you land on the ground mid-attack.

Bair: CL swipes his Wind Wand downwards behind him to push enemies and small projectiles away with a gust of wind. This attack is great due to very low starting/ending lag, the ability to spike with a large range, and can "block" projectiles. What more do you need? Unfortunately, this move deals only 2% damage.

Uair: CL releases and swings his Grappling Hook in a wide arc before returning it to Link's Bottomless Tool Bag. This move deals light damage (7%) but has unusually high knockback for such a move. The range on both axis are good too.

Dair: CL performs his aerial downward slash with his Roc's Cape. Basically the same move as Toon Link's Dair, although CL falls to earth MUCH less faste


Grab: CL traps his wind with a quick Command Melody, encasing them in a "Wind Prison".

Pummel: CL spins the foe around in his little trap for 4% damage.

Fthrow: CL keeps spinning the foe rapidly in the air as he pulls out his Deku Leaf and whacks some air at the foe, knocking him back. Deals small damage (6%) but deals amazing knockback, killing at 80%.

Bthrow: CL, with a quick Wind's Requiem, spins the foe to the opposite position he was in, as CL quickly draws his Megaton Hammer from WW, and smacks the foe for huge damage (17%) but HIGH ending lag and only medium knockback.

Uthrow: CL tosses the foe into the air as CL tosses his Bait Bag into the air, causing seagulls to ram into the tossed foe for the bag, causing him to fly up higher.

Dthrow: CL swipes at the foe using the Cane of Pacci, which flips the foe onto the ground for small damage.


B: Fire Rod Lvl. 2- For those that have played Four Swords, let us rejoice: CL summons a large red block that can be carried like a crate, thrown like a crate, and can be split into four separate fireballs each going STRAIGHT into a different direction; left, right, down, and up. Each fireball does 15% damage and deals relatively high knockback. It'll also explode if it makes contact with a foe or a damage dealing item.

B^: Deku Leaf- The one that has been hankering for a spot, yesh? CL pulls out his Deku Leaf as a convenient northern wind blows by, shooting CL upwards for about the same distance as Peach's second jump in Melee combined with her second jump in Brawl. Anyone in the leaf's way is battered aside for light damage (4%) and is given high knockback; wind and all...

BV: Hammer- The one from Phantom Hourglass, much to everyone' chagrin, because I want EQUAL representation. CL summons a hammer that floats over his head and pounds enemies for heavy damage (15%). You can charge this hammer for more range and power (25%), but the starting lag and actual animation of attack is sluggish, but the hit is tremendous. It can kill at 50% fully charged.

B>: Pegasus Boots- An old faithful in Minish Cap, eh? CL begins to sprint in place, as he shoots forward across small gaps and pits for three seconds, before coming to a stop. The startup is slow and easy to see coming, but he'll run as fast as Sonic with those boots. Also, anybody in this guy's warpath is knocked aside and given 17% damage and medium knockback. You can cancel this attack mid-move by pressing B, but you cannot change direction afterwards. This move can traverse ALL of Final Destination in one attack, from edge to edge.

FINAL SMASH: Ballad of Gales- Yes, the most popular Celda game is represented as the great Ballad of Gales!

CL pulls out his Wind Wand as he plays his four notes, as Cyclos hovers down to the stage chuckling like the (now) jovial frog god he is, and summons massive winds that carry the foes in random, but rapid, directions, often causing kills in three gusts out of the eight summoned. The gusts push the enemies with TREMENDOUS knockback in random directions, so on open or smaller stages like New Pork City or Final Destination, they're deathtraps. This continues for seven gusts in total before Cyclops floats back up to the skies and leaves Link to fend for himself once more.


Taunt 1: CL pulls out his Telescope and looks left, then right, then to the screen, then puts it away.

Taunt 2: CL performs a quick melody with his wand, then puts it away as the Selection Sound from WW chimes.

Taunt 3: CL's cap turns to life as the Minish Cap chirps, "You're no match for US!" As an annoyed CL pushes the cap down.

Victory 1: CL runs around trying to catch a pig, WW style.

Victory 2: CL is jumping for joy when Linebeck's ship bursts in, knocking CL over as a confused Linebeck climbs out of the ship and looks around, confused.

Victory 3: CL pumps a fist into the air, as the Four Sword hovers above CL's head, as he teleports away.

Loss: CL keeps Toon Link's loss style.


CL keeps Toon Link's Alternate costumes, but trades Dark Toon Link for Early WW Link's Sleeping Outfit. He'll still keep the hat...

SSE Role:

Unfortunately, CL will still keep Toon Link's role of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Wiimote Noise: A quick gust of wind is heard, as CL yells, "HYA-SKRAA!!!"

Entrance: The King of Red Lions lies by on wind, as CL hops off of him and King flies away.

Symbol: The King of Red Lions.

Snake: Pffft great, Toon Link again?

Otacon: That's not Toon Link! That's Cel Link! He's completely different from TOON Link! He's got aa completely new set.

Snake: Huh, so it's a new kid eh? Points for originality...

Otacon: Good Luck Snake!

Aaaaaaand... done.
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PostSubject: Re: *NEW* Toon Link   Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:59 pm

I kinda liked it, even if I've never played Four Swords.
I think Cel Link's symbol should be the TriForce.
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PostSubject: Re: *NEW* Toon Link   Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:52 pm

nice i would definitely play him~!
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PostSubject: Re: *NEW* Toon Link   Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:31 pm

Hm, fairly impressive. I enjoyed Minish Cap, so the fact that you added skills from that game pleases me.
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PostSubject: Re: *NEW* Toon Link   

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*NEW* Toon Link
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