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 Sol Badguy- Guilty Gear Goes Mark Mcguire Crazy

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PostSubject: Sol Badguy- Guilty Gear Goes Mark Mcguire Crazy   Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:52 am


Sol Badguy, from the underrated Guilty Gear Series.

He brings his sword, fire magic, and bad attitude to the Brawl! Some of his moves will be based on his game attacks, such as Gun Flame, Grand Viper, and Fafnir.

He'll be the Mario of the Sword Characters, bringing a fluid blend of Strength, Speed, and Range. Watch out for this badass, fellows- he'll rival Falcon in terms of manliness!


SPEED- 3.5: In his games, he's slightly faster than average. As so in THIS game as well.



WEIGHT- 3.5: He'll be a bit heavier than average in this game, so he'll have SOME weak points.




Also, bear in mind a common theme with Sol's attacks is precision, as well as little lag on either side of the spectrum with almost ALL of his moves.


A: Sol punches the foe's face with little effort with his free hand. Does small damage (3%) and knockback.

A,A: Sol quickly follows up with a sidekick to the face. Does small damage (4%), slightly more than A, and slightly more knockback as well.

A>: Sol does a quick forward slice with his sword. Small range, but medium damage (7%) with mediocre knockback.

A^: Sol performs a high kick with his left foot for small damage (5%), but good vertical knockback.

AV: Sol does a sliding kick across the ground for one meter. Notorious for beating out PROJECTILES and tripping at even HIGH percentages, it has its falls. Like a long ending lag, long enough for the foe to JUST recover, and weak damage (3%).

Fsmash: Sol steps forward and lands a strong vertical slash on the foe. Great range due to the extra step, and good damage (14%) and knockback. However, the step makes this move easy to spot coming and thus, easy to avoid. IF you can get out of its range in time.

Usmash: Sol punches down into the ground, sending fire upwards around him. Good vertical range and damage (13%), nut the knockback is rather pitiful. However, it has very large horizontal range, due to the fire's spread.

Dsmash: Sol quickly slides across the ground for two character distances. Rather weak for a Smash (9%), but also has the lowest lag in his moveset, and his range is astounding.

Dash A: Sol leaps slightly into the air knee first. A dashing sex kick, basically, with small range, but high priority, as well as dealing 6% damage.


Nair: Sol spins his sword around his body, whilst its on fire. Strong move, with high knockback and medium range, although this is one of his ONLY moves with a long ending lag.

Fair: Sol flips and sends a heel into the skull of his foe. A long range spike attack that has short starting lag, but long ending lag.

Bair: Sol stabs opposite of his position in the air, while his sword is enflamed. A long ranged stab with high power, but virtually no knockback.

Uair: Sol performs a flip kick in the air. A swift attack with little lag on either side and high vertical knockback, but is a short range flipkick.

Dair: Sol performs a dive kick through the air at the foe, that acts as a quicker, stronger, and more useful version of Shiek's Dair.


Grab: Sol holds the foe by their throat.

Pummel: Sol headbutts the poor sap into further submission.

Fthrow: Sol pushes the foe back, slashes them into the air, then slams them into the ground.

Bthrow: Sol turns around, foe still gripped, and slams their entire body into the ground, causing them to bounce back into the air. Great combo starter at lower percentages.

Uthrow: Sol headbutts the guy, tosses them into the air, and slams a fist into the ground while yelling, "GUN FLAME!" as the foe is scorched by a wave of lava and sent flying into the air.

Dthrow: Sol slams the guy's face into the ground and Sol curb stomps them twice. This leaves the foe lying face down on the ground, so it leaves Sol somewhat at a disadvantage.


Taunt 1: Sol cracks his neck with his free hand.

Taunt 2: Sol points to the foe and makes a thumbs down motion.

Taunt 3: Sol crosses his arms as flames envelop him, then gets back into a fighting stance.


B: Gun Flame- Sol sticks his sword into the ground, yelling, "GUN FLAME," as mini fire pillars shoot out from the ground forward of Sol's direction. This projectile travels for about four pillars, but stops at walls or gaps. However, if the foe IS hit, they're dragged into the entire move at lower percentages, dealing a total of 16% damage. Sol is left relatively open DURING the move, but otherwise, his lags at either end of the spectrum is low. This cannot be done in the air. This move CANNOT be reflected by any Shine, Shield, etc. It CAN be absorbed, however.

B^: Volcanic Viper- Sol performs a fiery uppercut that travels about the same distance as Fox's straight upwards Fire Fox. Hits twice, once at the very start and once during the full uppercut. This move deals good damage for a simple recovery move (12%, 9%) and has only medium beginning lag. You can aim the trajectory of this move slightly left or right to fit the direction of recovery. This move can also beat out most projectiles.

BV: Grand Viper- Sol slides across the ground in flames feet first, leaving behind a trail of purely aesthetic fire, and ends with a small uppercut into the air. Can catch foes off guard, and also is able to trip at anything higher than 130%. Otherwise, the foe is knocked far away for medium damage, and the uppercut is a decent end. However, the ending lag is HORRIBLE, as Sol remains in a "Helpless" stance after the attack, as he's sent into the air.

B>: Fafnir- Sol dashes slightly forward and sends out a volcanic punch that has amazing knockback and decent damage. THIS is Sol's go-to move for combo enders and as a killing move. However, the starting lag is long enough for the foe to see it coming and act accordingly.


Sol crouches, crosses his arms together, says, "Napaaaaaaalm..."

Then leaps upward as he is surrounded by huge fire pillars that shoot across the stage alongside him, while he yells, "DEATH!" looks like this:

IT's the VERY first one, except it spans the entire stage. The fire pillars are instant kills is touched. After the move, Sol lands back onto the ground, taking a deep breath to recover. He's wide open during this, as he takes TWICE the damage and knockback he normally does. THis is a downside, because everything else of this move is amazing.


Alt Costume:

Blue- His red jacket turns blue.
Green- His red jacket turns green.
Order Sol-


Symbol: An ember.

Victory 1: Sol sticks his sword into the ground and mutters something in Japanese.

Victory 2: Sol laughs at the losers and jumps away in flames.

Loss: Sol is clapping with extreme disdain on his face.

Snake: This guy is inTENSE! Who is he?

Campbell: That's Sol Badguy, Snake. He's a former member of a group of Holy Knights, but he separated as a rogue and stole a Holy Sword. He's a deadly swordsman and fighter, and he has Fire Magic on his side.

Snake: So, a proper warrior, eh? Good to see SOME people still have respect around here.

Campbell: Not really. His attitude towards others is pretty rotten. Let's just say you wouldn't want him angry.

Snake: Hmm... Snake out.

Sol Badguy... Traveling swordsman, hears of a great power threatening the lands. He goes there to settle this threat. Before EVERYTHING began, all there was was a fight, between Bowser and Sol. Sol had won, and Bowser, ashamed. Before Sol could do anything, Tabuu appeared and blew Sol away to places unknown to him...

Awakened by a strange talking bluebird, Sol looks around to see himself surrounded by forests. Deciding to join forces, him and the bird traveled through the Primid infested forests, coming to a great beast- the Shadow Dragon! Luckily, the two defeat the foul creature, trophytizing it. Sol and Falco split up when they come to a fork in the road, Sol keeping a walkietalkie given to him by Falco.

Sol runs into the sullen Wario, having his hovercraft JUST stolen, and sees Sol as a chance to make up for his failure to the Subspace Army. Fighting as Sol, defeat Wario to move on to the next cutscene, where Sol takes Wario with him as a hostage and for info, when suddenly, a great form of evil appears- Gohma, from Zelda! Chased by the creature and its Primid minions, Sol runs through the valley and runs into Ike, Marth, Pokemon Trainer, and Lucas, who fight Gohma and win.

After that, the Great Fox flies by as Sol runs to some nearby hill, and latches on to the hull- a free ride to the ultimate evil.

However, the Great Fox is soon attacked by the Halberd, and as a Space Fight ensues, Sol steals an Arwing and lands- or more like crashes- onto the Halberd and fights its Captain- R.O.B! As Sol, defeat him to discover that he is the Ancient Minister, but before more could be done, the Minister escapes on his hover feet, with Sol in close pursuit- stealing ANOTHER small ship to chase after him.

Tracking him to the Isle of Ancients, Sol decides he's seen enough- this is where he'd stand. However, his ship becomes spotted and is shot down by the giant R.O.B. Hurtling to certain doom, Sol jumps out of his ship and is miraculously saved by a passing Subspace Carrier, which is manned by several Primid. Defeat them all in a Multi-Man style fight to move on, where Sol drives straight to the newest source of terror- Subspace Base!

Sol joins the party slightly late, seeing Sonic knock off Tabuu's wings. Sol joins the fight and ultimately, the group as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Sol Badguy- Guilty Gear Goes Mark Mcguire Crazy   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:01 pm

nice character i would play him!
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Sol Badguy- Guilty Gear Goes Mark Mcguire Crazy
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