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 Astaroth- Soul Calibur Third Party Rep

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PostSubject: Astaroth- Soul Calibur Third Party Rep   Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:49 am

That guy on steroids? No, he's only Astaroth, the Black Giant of feared fables!

Wielding his axe Kulutes, Astaroth is the most powerful fighter in the game, but also the slowest, the FASTEST of his moves taking up abnormal time.






SIZE: 5- He's a head taller than Ganondorf.

TRACTION: 4- For being such a big dude, he is REALLY good at stopping in his tracks.

WEIGHT: 5- There should be a 6 rating for him. He's easily one of the heaviest characters in the game, if not THE heaviest.



TACKLING RUN: YES. To help Astaroth on his horrible approach game, Astaroth's run has the ability to damage and trample opponents. Meaning they're grounded under his footsteps; IF he manages to trample them.

(I've decided not to name the moves; too much time it takes.)
A: Astaroth punches the foe to keep him away and for good damage (7%) and knockback.

A,A: After the punch, Astaroth performs an elbow drop with the same arm. Sends the foe to the ground to help Astaroth get himself up off the ground. Deals better damage (9%) but has smaller range.

A>: Astaroth smacks the guy with his hilt. One of two quick moves, but a strong one, with good damage (12%) and knockback.

A^: Astaroth sweeps his axe upwards in a crescent descent. 13% damage with high vertical knockback, but poor ending lag.

AV: Astaroth kicks the foe's feet out from under him, tripping him under 20%. Does 7% damage with low knockback, but has good range for a low poke.


Fsmash: Astaroth picks up his axe with one hand and slams it forward. Does insane damage, even uncharged, and the MOST knockback in the game, but also the slowest ending lag and quite poor beginning lag. It also has amazing range.

Usmash: Astaroth spins his axe horizontally above his head. Hits three times for large damage (28%) for great knockback. It also has amazing aerial range, but horrible ending lag.

Dsmash: Astaroth sweeps his axe around in in a 360 angle twice. A wide range and great power, about 30% in total uncharged, but has bad beginning lag.

Dash: Astaroth performs a shoulder tackle, knocking the foe back quite the distance, but also doing brutal damage (15%).


Nair: Asta thrusts his knees outward in front of him, that has good damage (13%) and better knockback. The hitbox is also deceptive, hitting BELOW Asta rather than above.

Fair: Astaroth swings his axe downwards in front of him, with great range and spiking potential, but also low beginning and ending lag. Also yields good damage (16%)

Bair: Astaroth sends his axe hilt thrusting backwards into the foe's stomach. His primary aerial kill move, with great damage (21%), but high ending lag. Luckily, this is ALSO his second quick move, needing little time to perform it.

Uair: Astaroth spins his axe above him horizontally, the aerial version of his Usmash, except quicker. (16%).

Dair: Astaroth dives downwards, knees first. High damage (22%) and spikes, even though he still dives downwards.


Grab A: Astaroth smacks the foe with his hilt, doing 7% damage, and even stuns the foe from breaking out of his grab for a second.

Fthrow: Asta tosses his foe into the air, catches his foot, and slams his axe into the foe three times, the last one sending him flying. Other than looking like the foe would need a chiropractor, this deals immense damage (31% damage) and can kill at 50%. Serves you RIGHT for getting close to Asta.

Bthrow: Asta pushes his foe around him and slams his hilt into the foe's stomach, stunning them and sending them backwards. Gives out 13% damage. A relatively weak move for Asta, but it leaves the foe open for a follow-up attack.

Uthrow: Asta slams his foe's face into the ground, then throws him upwards at an incredibly vertical rate. The slam deals 11%, and the throw gives an extra 8%. A great vertical finisher that can cause LULZ and K.O's at 70%.

Dthrow: Asta smacks his foe into the air, catches him on his axehead, and slams him into the ground. Ouch. Luckily, this move's bite is worse than his bark; 33% damage but literally NO knockback.


B: Bull Rush- Asta rears his head down as he crouches, then suddenly; BAM! Asta charges forward either a small amount of feet, or halfway across Battlefield, depending on how long you charge it, and deals 15%-30% damage. When uncharged, this move will send foes flying horizontally, but when charged, sends foes flying vertically. This move CANNOT go through obstacles such as walls or platforms, but can destroy items and go through explosives due to Super Armor.

B^: Kulutes Divider- Asta dives into the air with his axe behind him, and at the apex of his jump, he swings his axe downwards, sending him up farther. Although his jumps are bad, this recovery move is very good, as it goes the distance of Farore's Wind. It also spikes and performs massive damage (27%), but has massive ending lag.

BV: Punishing Grab- Asta picks up a crouching or prone foe and slams him into the ground three times, performing 10% damage each time. This grab only works against knocked down foes and crouching foes. This move has few flaws for its kind.

B>: Cult Vanguard- Asta swipes his fist at the foe, and if landed, he grabs the foe into a Command Grab, similar to Bowser's Melee B>. Keep pressing B to headbutt the foe to build up damage, and any directional button for a generic toss in that direction. Does good to amazing damage(17%-27%) and knockback, but huge starting lag.

Final Smash: **** Finisher- Asta keeps spinning around and round, saying, "I'll destroy you all!" until he lets go of his
axe, sending it spinning around the stage like an uncontrollable boomerang, going through any obstacle and instantly killing foes on contact. However fast and wild this move's range is, it only lasts for five seconds, so its a short but sweet attack. Use it in groups to kill them in a single blow. Alas, the axe's range is very small, and you cannot control the axe's trajectory.

Alt Costumes:

Red: Rocky exterior turns red.

Green: Rock exterior turns green.

Classic: Astaroth gains his classic series look.


Taunt 1: Astaroth roars, "PATHETIC!!!"

Taunt 2: Asta plunges his axe into the ground, grunts, then pulls it back out.

Taunt 3: Asta circles his neck to crack it.


Victory 1: Astaroth swings his axe around his head, then slams it into the ground, saying, "****."

Victory 2: Asta drops his axe, pounds his chest, and flexes, asking, "Dead yet?"

Victory 3: Asta swings vertically twice towards the screen, saying, "Worthless maggots!"

Loss: Astaroth is seen kneeling shaking his head in disbelief.


Kirby Hat: Kirby's entire body takes on Astaroth's face, and gains two huge rocky arms for his B.

Wiimote Noise: Astaroth roars and makes a war grunt.


Snake: Jeez! This guy is huge!

Otacon: A typical reaction, Snake. This is Astaroth, a result of magic and gods into one, heathen figure made of only clay. It originates from the Soul Calibur series as the damage dealer. He's the same as he was in the games...

Snake: So you're saying he's slow? I'll just get in his face before-

Otacon: Ah! Snake, don't do THAT. Otherwise, he'll crush you with his bare hands! Just keep up a ranged offense, and he'll turn to dust in no time!

SSE Role: He searches for souls in the most powerful of universes...

Astaroth runs into a rogue group of spacial beings, Primids, after Mario and Kirby duke it out. Consuming them, he faces their leader, a possessed Wolf, and consumes him as well. Afterwards, he leaves him trophytized on the flagship, which is abducted by the Halberd...

We don't hear much from him until Lucario and Meta Knight board the ship, where those two and Snake encounter a super powerful and rabid Astaroth. The three defeat him, and at the promise of more souls, albeit evil ones, Astaroth joins the group. However, when they have to fight Duon, Astaroth kills him and absorbs him, becoming ten times stronger than before. However, the power proves to be too much for him, as he becomes a human Subspace Bomb, sending everything on the ship into Subspace.

However, by some miracle (A NOBODY miracle...) the ship was rescued just in time for the ****. Astaroth, otherwise, has no storyline significance afterwards, until the very end, where you've defeated Tabuu. After absorbing him, Astaroth returns to his lands with new power...

Symbol: The Project Soul symbol.

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Astaroth- Soul Calibur Third Party Rep
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